• Professionally Traded Accounts
  • Verified
  • Analyzed
  • Starting from 500€
  • MetaTrader4 Compatible​

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How it works?

FXCT is an Affiliate Partner of the best Copytrading services on the World.


Funds are deposited directly to the Broker then traded by the Professional Trading team. 

Clients can access their account 24/7 to Monitor Trading

  • It is really simple....​
  • Contact us
  • Choose your Copytrading Provider
  • Open your brokerage account
  • Fill the forms in your account and make the verification
  • Open a trading account
  • Deposit funds on your account
  • Request account connection
  • Monitor your account anytime via MT4
  • Contact us if you wish to stop/pause trading anytime you wish.

FXCT Partners works with the most respected brokerages

  • FXCT is an Affiliate Partner of the best Copy Trading Providers
  • FXCT do not charge ANY upfront fees.
  • Your investment is kept at the broker account
  • You have access to your account 24x7 via MT4 to see LIVE Trades
  • You made deposit & withdrawal directly from your account
  • FXCT has at no time access to your money


It is very simple, we offer you the possibility of automatically copying all the trades of our experienced traders (Copy Trading) while still maintaining full control over your trading account and deposited money.

How does this work? Very easily! On your behalf, we will open an account through our broker and link it with our master trading account, which is monitored around the clock by our experienced traders. At no time will our company have access to your account!

Another advantage of our company is the personal support via Telegram Group or E-mail.


FXCT offers copying of the best traders who have long experience in forex market and show extra business results.

You do not need to have any knowledge of trading, just register & copy the master account of your choice.

We offer you the Copytrading with different accounts, risks and providers.